up Shiksha Mitra Transfer News SM Updates August 2018

Uttar Pradesh Shiksha Mitra Transfer News Updates

The Uttar Pradesh government will transfer approximately 132,000 Shiksha Mitra to their original schools. Shiksha Mitra will be sent back to school on original deployment till 5 August 2018. This order has been issued after the approval of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister. For a long time, SM of primary school of basic shiksha parishad were waiting for their original deployment to return to school. This desire of 130000 Shiksha Mitra’s is going to fulfill by the government. The Government has issued a mandate to send the Shiksha Mitra to the original deployed school in the Department of Basic Education on Thursday, in which the last date for transfer is fixed is 5 August 2018. Shiksha Mitra have been asked to return to the original place of deployment, apart from this, the option of staying in place of existing deployment has been given. Female Shiksha Mitra have been given additional options, if their in-laws or husband’s home is in the same district, and they want to go to the school of that place, then they should be deployed there.


View news related to transfer of Shiksha Mitra. Date 3 August 2018

The process of transferring, and adjustment of the shiksha Mitra working in the primary schools of Uttar Pradesh has been started. Options for shiksha Mitra are being sought by the Office of the Block Education Officer. On the basis of which, SM will be transferred to their original school.

See today’s news updates related to the transfer and Samayojan of shiksha Mitra.

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